Impact of saline soils on grafted tomato (Solanum lycoparsicon) onto brinjal (Solanum melongena)


  • P C Singh ICAR-IIVR Varanasi-221305, Uttar Pradesh
  • A K Singh ICAR-IIVR Varanasi-221305, Uttar Pradesh
  • A Bahadur ICAR-IIVR Varanasi-221305, Uttar Pradesh
  • V Dwivedi ICAR-IIVR Varanasi-221305, Uttar Pradesh
  • N Singh ICAR-IIVR Varanasi-221305, Uttar Pradesh
  • T K Behra ICAR-IIVR Varanasi-221305, Uttar Pradesh


The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of salinity on horticultural traits of grafted tomato (Solanum lycopersiocon
Mill.) onto brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) rootstock and to find out the best salt tolerance or resistant rootstock/graft
combination during 2021-22 at ICAR-IIVR KVK, Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh. Three rootstocks (IC-111056, IC-354557, and Surya)
and graft between three different scions (Kashi Aman, Kashi Chayan and NS-4266) were compared with their scions. Among
rootstock, IC-111056 and IC-354557 were observed highly salt tolerant to saline condition which could be used as rootstock for
further crop production in saline conditions and its use in conventional breeding programme to develop salt tolerant/resistant


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